About Us

Over a century of equestrianism

Our Philosophy

Stewards in Caring

We believe that we are the voice and the stewards in caring for our horses. At all times, our decisions, facilities and operations are run for what we believe is the best for the horse.

Sportsmanship & Teamwork

We believe in sportsmanship and teamwork. That the lessons learned through riding and showing stay with us to create strong individuals who learn to persevere in tough times, who learn to keep going when the going gets tough, and who learn to cheer on their teammates even when they may not have experienced the win themselves.

Lifting Others Up

We believe in customer service, courtesy and professionalism. We strive to create an atmosphere that lifts each other up with praise, kindness and encouragement.

Horsemanship is More

We believe that riding is a small part of what the horses have to offer. Horsemanship is taught, encouraged, and fostered at all times.

Our Team

Lauren Barth- Trainer

Lauren is originally from Long Island, New York, Lauren’s love of horses emerged at a very young age. She has dedicated her life to her passion and developing a very successful business.

Lauren prides herself on offering one-on-one attention to help clients achieve their goals. Her success stems from her ability to take into consideration the needs of her clients and the needs of their horses. Lauren has a global approach to her business. She is able to focus on riding and training while also paying special attention to the care and management of each horse.

Lauren always welcomes a challenge and will go the extra mile for a better performance. She strives for excellence whether she is starting a young horse, coaching a beginner rider, or polishing and fine tuning top competitors. Under Lauren’s tutelage, several clients have captured championships and year end titles. Text or Call (813)-787-0703

Marquee Cincotta- Trainer

Marquee’s love for horses began at a very young age. She started riding ponies at 2 years old while traveling on the Royal Hanneford Circus with her family. Horses have been in her family for generations. Marquee began showing on the A circuit at 9 years old under the guidance of her aunt Debbie Stephens. Marquee had a very successful junior riding career in the pony hunters, jumpers and Equitation. She trained with Debbie Stephens, Missy & John Clark and Jeff Worthman. After graduating high school in 2012 she moved on to Brevard Community College where she completed her Nursing Assistant degree. Marquee couldn’t stay away from the stables and realized a career with horses was the key to her happiness. Marquee has been an equine enthusiast her whole life and adapted very quickly to the show jumping world. She trained with her Aunt Debbie Stephens, a world know Grand Prix rider for over a decade. Marquee started her own business, MC Equestrian LLC In 2013 at the age of 19. Marquee has successfully managed a full service lesson and training stable. She takes great pride in developing young horses up through the grand prix level. Marquee has been very successful selling top level hunters and jumpers for 10+ years on the AA circuit. Not only is she a talented up and coming Grand Prix rider she also has a daughter, Charlee that is also an up and coming rider. Marquee’s long term goal is to represent the United States showjumping team in the Olympics. (941)-961-5008 Text or Call 

Jewels Morphy – Trainer

Jewels Morphy started riding horses at the age of 4 years old. Growing up as an underprivileged Equestrian she always had very green horses that she would bring up and develop herself. Starting at the age of 12 she began rehabbing OTTB and turning them into hunter/jumper prospects. Recently, Jewels has trained with Marsha Hartford Sapp a very well known and established trainer while attending college at Florida State University pursuing a degree in Psychology. Jewels also competed in the 2017 Extreme Mustang Makeover, a competition where trainers are randomly assigned an untouched wild mustang and are given 120 days to halter break and start under saddle. In this competition Jewels placed in the top 10 going against many seasoned trainers. Jewels also spent the summer working under Joe Williams at BrokeWell Farm in Ocala, FL. Now Jewels has moved home to manage the family stable where she is focusing on her show career and offering, breaking, and training at Distinctive Stables. Jewels is very well versed in all disciplines and has a special way with the youngsters. Jewels has started many horses of all breeds, from mustangs to warmbloods. With Jewels extended background on bringing up hunter jumper prospects her method of training is ideal for the person looking to get their young horse a solid start and foundation by someone in the discipline that thoroughly understands the general way of going of the top hunters and jumpers! Please contact Jewels Morphy for pricing and any other information! Call or Text (727)-648-7191

Deanna Morphy – Owner

Deanna brings an entire lifetime of riding, horse owning, and barn management experience to Distinctive Stables. Growing up in the Northeast into a family of equestrians, Deanna, her mother, and her sister kept horses, rode and showed all over the region. Specializing in hunters and having started many of her own horses under saddle, Deanna brings decades of experience to the table. It is reflected in the decisions she makes and how the barn is run. A true lover of horses, Deanna cares for your horse as she does her own.

Two of Deanna’s own children ride and she had a big hand in teaching them over the years. Her youngest lives and rides on the farm and competes in the Hunters and her oldest is the trainer of Distinctive Stables!

Our Vendors

Distinctive Stables has undergone a massive transformation since we’ve opened in May 2015. We could not have done this without the help of our wonderful vendors

Gardner Fence Systems

Gardner Fence Systems has installed true 2”X 6” commercial grade fence in all our our paddocks, rings and the property in general. Our Gardner Fencing is stronger that “horse grade” fencing.

Classic Equine Equipment

Distinctive Stables joined the rank of top horse people from around the country when it chose to install Classic Equine stall fronts and stall doors in its facility. Classic’s stalls can be found in a large percentage of barns in Wellington, FL and other areas of the country where discerning horse people make decisions based on safety and functionality.

Why choose Classic?
We go to great lengths to make sure our passion for quality and love for horses shows in the details of the products we produce – smoother edges that prevent scratches or scrape; narrower spacing between grills to make sure that small hooves don’t get caught; galvanized hand-welded steel frames.

Advanced Surveillance Incorporated – ASI Equine Division

At Distinctive Stables we have installed cameras for the safety and protection of your horses. We even have cameras in each horse’s stall. With ASI Equine Surveillance you will have peace

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We are located at:

16601 Boy Scout Road, Odessa, FL 33556.

For training board/breaking and training contact Jewels
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Jewels: 727-648-7191

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